Photo Credit to the AMAZING Michaela Scott!

Photo Credit to the AMAZING Michaela Scott!



Momma Wolf of identical twin pups, Salem and Penelope! (BEST JOB EVER)

Engaged to a Lumberjack, obviously! <3

I am obsessed with peoples stories!

My idea of a good time is summiting a mountain, dinner with friends, Thrifting, Rearranging furniture, beach days and cuddling up with my family and netflix. 

I Graduated from the New York Film Acadamy Class of 2012 (L.A campus). Word.

I'm addicted to the PNW.

If there is music on... I am either singing along (loudly) or Dancing like a lunatic.

On the average day, you will find me out and about with my girls going on mini adventures and socializing with whoever will talk with me.

I don't do shallow.

I plan to travel the world, with my girls by my side.

Ben and Jerry's enthusiast.