Photo Credit to the AMAZING, Becoming Images!

Photo Credit to the AMAZING, Becoming Images!

Fera, is the Latin word for Wild animal/beast. It is the root word of Feral and the inspiration for my work.

My aim as a photographer has never been to take an average portrait. I have always tried to capture that moment where my subjects are wild, primal and free.

I don't take every client and I want to explain why; I firmly believe in having a connection with the person/persons on the other side of the lens. I want to feel a real spark that ignites both/all of us to release that inner wildness, to feel real inspiration in our time together. I want to feel the connection on a primal level.  

I feel honored to capture in peoples real, deep, emotional, funny, awkward, magical moments.

If you want to work with someone who you can connect with, call me! I would love to set up a consultation and brainstorm and share in your journey! <3